Thursday, November 3, 2011

Some "Darling" eye looks

Hey ladies, I have really been loving using my new Darling Girl shadows the last few days! I was going to save these looks for the Haul Part 2 post, but I changed my mind ;p 

Hope you enjoy! 

Above 2 photos: GWP color "Svenghouli" in the inner half, "Bat's in the Belfry" outer 1/2, and "Jack's Lantern" blended into crease. The latter 2 colors are from the halloween collection. This look does not show Jack's true colors, (pun intended) because it was verrrrry lightly applied to darken up the crease. DG Whisper to highlight. 

This look (above) was done with both Jack's Lantern and Svenghouli again, but they both look totally different. Jack is on the lid, and here you can see his true magnificence! It looks like a purple over a black base in most light, but look at the closed eye pic and you can see the shift where it looks red/orange. So awesome! Svenghouli looks a lot more green in this look. 

The last look features "Witch and Famous" on the inner 1/2 of eye with "Apparition" lightly applied over, "Landry" (Hello Kitty collection) on the outer 1/2, and "Thriller" blended into crease. Again Thriller is not really done justice here because you can't see all the amazing sparkl-age.. I blended it too much. 

Hope you liked these looks, and I hope you are going to be picking up some of these colors from DG when she reopens the shop on Nov. 7! 

Have a happy Friday tomorrow lovies! 

Monday, October 31, 2011

Darling Girl Haul, Swatches, and Review! (Part 1)

I am not even going to preface this with small talk and jump right to the point. I LOVE DARLING GIRL!!!! I am so excited about this haul (and part 2 coming later this week!) 

I am bummed because I had pictures of the cute packaging that somehow my phone erased... grrrr... but there are still great swatches, so enjoy the eye candy!! 

*All descriptions from Darling Girl website.

My Little Pony - This is a color morphing shade. At first glance it looks like a pale pastel lavender with green shift and aqua and pink iridescence, but hold it close to a light source and it takes on a coppery rose color.
BlackCurrant - deep blackened royal purple with contrasting copper shimmers.
Hades - Hades is a gorgeous metallic gold over a deep indigo base with subtle fine green shimmers, so gorgeous!
Crypt Keeper - Is a blackened antique gold
Jack's Lantern - It's a deep black base with a fiery red/orange shift

Dapple - midtone blue-grey with just a touch of copper shift and silver, gold and copper shimmers
Moon Dust - gorgeous silvery taupe with tons of 'Diamond Dust'
Curious - sheer iridescent taupe with a gold/copper shift
Dulce De Leche - gorgeous metallic slightly peachy caramel color
Mustang - ow luster dirty plum with a pinkish afterglow and subtle copper iridescence
Badtz Maru - Blackened taupe pearl wrapped in soft mauve with chartreuse micro-glitter
Black Arabian - deep sultry blackened brown with delicate fleck of gold and copper

My Thoughts: 
Every Single Color is sooooo gorgeous!!! I mean seriously, DG does not make anything short of amazing products!! I love each one... My fave favorites though are Hades (Soooo amazing!), Crypt Keeper, Jack's Lantern, and Badtz Maru. Jack's lantern is so unique, and shifts colors from reddish to purpleish depending on light. The picture does not do Badtz Maru justice... is it the most beautiful brown/plum/sparkly deliciousness. 

All the colors are so versatile, and go so well together. They are easy to blend and have a wonderful texture, even when jam packed with glitters. I can't wait to show you part 2! 

Meanwhile.. here are some looks I've been doing with them..

Inner 1/3 - Black Currant, Middle 1/3 - Crypt Keeper, Outer 1/3 and crease - Monarch (gift with purchase and I forgot to swatch :( ) Highlight - Whisper 

 Last Dance Liquid Kiss Luxe.. soooo beautiful! light pink with loads of green sparkles! 

Inner 1/3 - Dapple, Middle 1/3 - Badtz Maru, Outer 1/3 and blended into crease - Black Arabian, Highlight - Whisper

Inner 1/3 - My little pony, Middle and outer 1/3 - Hades (look how it changes depending on the angle... the middle looks pink and the outer looks green!) 

Inner 1/2 - Moon Dust, Outer 1/2 - Mustang, Crease - Badtz Maru, Highlight - Whisper

So what do you think? Do you have any of these colors? If not, will you be getting them?! 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Surgery Defect Mineral Eyeshadow Review & Swatches

Happy Thursday everyone! I can't believe tomorrow is Friday already.. yeeeaaahhh!!! Today I have the pleasure of reviewing some eyeshadows from an etsy/indie company called Surgery Defect. Emily, the owner, creates everything from mineral eyeshadow to earrings to paintings to plates and mugs! Her etsy shop has quite the variety of goodies. A lot of it is Halloween stuff right now so head on over and check it out!

I had the opportunity to try out several eyeshadows in a variety of colors and I am very pleased with them!

They came in sample baggies with a very generous amount of product in each bag, as well as a few business cards. Only the names were on the bags, no ingredients listed anywhere (not even on website) which is a little troubling... but as I am not allergic to anything cosmetic that I know of, I still went ahead and tried them out.

*All descriptions are my own
**Swatched over Pixie Epoxy

China Jade: Cool frosty light green. 
Duochrome Sparkle: Gorgeous teal with tons of glittery golden sparkle.
Black Star Green: Deep teal green on a black base.
Metallic Pixie Purple: Shimmery Lavender.
Red Comet Sparks: Pink glitter.

Winterveld: Dirty peach upon appearance, but over primer turns into bright green duochrome.
Duochrome Red Orange: Gorgeous grapefruit pink.
Pearlescent Fire: Deep shimmering red.
Copper... pretty much self explanatory. ;) 
Misterioso Bronze: Beautiful and VERY glittery/shimmery medium brown.
Metallic Olive... again self explanatory
Cellini Yellow: Shimmery daffodil
Mirage Blue: Blue Glitter.

Eye look with China Jade on inner 1/3, Duochrome Sparkle on middle 1/3, and Misterioso Bronze on outer 1/3 and blended into crease.

FOTD today with Winterveld on inner 1/3, Duochrome Red Orange on middle 1/3, and Pearlescent Fire on outer 1/3 and blended into crease. 
DG Whisper to highlight, MAC Style blush, Maybelline "Warm Me up" l/s with MAC Oyster Girl gloss on top. 

Overall impressions: 
I liked all of the eyeshadows I tried. My favorites are Misterioso Bronze, Duochrome Sparkle, and Duochrome Red Orange. There aren't any that I really did not like. :) The textures of all the shadows were shimmery, and easy to work with. There were no matte shades, which is fine with me. They all blended really well but Misterioso and Duochrome Sparkle need a very sticky base. 

I wish the website had better shade descriptions and swatches of each color, as well as a listing of ingredients. To me, seeing the ingredients is very important when choosing to buy makeup. 

So what do you think? Did any colors stand out to you? 

Have a beautiful weekend ladies! 

xoxo, me 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Herban Luxe Review and Swatches

Hello pretty girls! Happy Saturday. Today I will be reviewing two products from a company called Herban Luxe (isn't that name adorable?!) Their shop features products such as mascara, pressed eyeshadows, eyeshadows in roller tubes, foundations, and lipsticks/lipglosses. The creator of Herban Luxe takes pride in handcrafting all of her own products from high quality ingredients without any animal testing. I was sent these products for review but that does not affect my opinion whatsoever!

The two products I was sent are Sunset eyeshadow in a roller applicator, as well as ChocoNoir lipstick.

They came wrapped nicely in a plastic baggie with info/instruction sheets on each product. 

The ChocoNoir lipstick is described as: "This organic lipstick is made with my a delicious Chocolate specialty wine, but don't worry you won't get drunk using this lipstick. The wine has been reduced to a syrup and then combined with mica to create this beautiful brown shade. I've infused this with my nourishing blend of natural waxes, organic jojoba oil, and antioxidant from plant extracts to create this unique formula. As with all HerbanLuxe products, you won't find chemicals, preservatives or parabens in my formula. I only give you the best of the best."

The Roller Babes eyeshadow series is described as: "Pigments are highly concentrated loose color powders that contain ingredients to help it adhere to your eyelids. The new roll-on container make the best no mess containers. If you don't have an eyeshadow brush in your arsenal, don't fret, to use Robber Babes Pigment Eye Shadow, simply give the roller ball a starting roll when it arrives and then simply glide it over your eyelids to create your look."

{Wearing the ChocoNoir lipstick}

I think the products I tried were definitely one-of-a-kind. I have never used an eyeshadow in a roller applicator before, so that was interesting. I wouldn't use it like that to apply it to my eyes, but the roller cap is easily removable for tapping some out to apply with a brush. Also, the roller comes with a TON of product inside! It has 5 grams for only $4.25! 

The lipstick is special because she actually uses wine in the formula! It definitely smells like wine, which is so unique and cool to me! The formula feels like a matte texture, and it takes a few coats to build to full opacity. The color is unfortunately way too dark for my skin tone, but it would work great on darker skin tones. 

Overall, I'd say this is a very unique etsy shop with some cool products! I would like to try her pressed eyeshadows and other lipstick colors in the future. 

What do you think? Will you stop by Herban Luxe and give her some love? :) 

Friday, October 21, 2011

Review and Swatches: Concrete Minerals!

Today I am doing a review with swatches and a few EOTD's with a company I am sure everyone has heard of by now... Concrete Minerals! They have a well known name for good reason - their products are beautiful! I purchased the blogger/Youtube guru review package which included (4) samples in jars. I chose Lolita, Smut, Hustle, and Jezebel, and they graciously sent me Charm School as well.

First of all, I love it when samples come in jars! Makes my life so much easier, haha! Secondly, they came wrapped so cutely in pink tissue paper with a little thank you card. The ingredients are also listed on the labels. All good. 

I immediately swatched them over Pixie Epoxy by Fyrinnae and was soooo pleased with all of the colors. The ones I chose even go together perfectly for many different combos of eye looks. 

Here are the descriptions of the colors from their website:

Lolita: (Shimmery taupe w/ pink undertones)
Smut: (Dirty silver with pink-purple undertones)
Hustle: (Mauve-pink w/ orange undertones)
Jezebel: (Shimmery purple) The purple-lover's purple.
Charm School: (Bright, glittery green w/ golden undertones)

I would agree with all of these descriptions with the exception of Lolita, which looks a lot more silver than taupe to me. I have used it several times and have yet to see the pink undertones either, but it is still a gorgeous color. 

If I had to pick favorites, it would be hard because they're all so gorgeous. I love Hustle, Smut, and Jezebel the most though. 

The formula on all of them is fabulous. They are easy to apply and blend, and the only one that NEEDS a really sticky base is Charm School, which is the most glittery of the three. I did notice that Hustle's "dirty" base shows more when it is is rubbed on, but that's not a big deal as I don't rub my eyeshadows on anyways. 

All that said, I would definitely purchase from Concrete Minerals again!! I have my eyes on Deviant, Troublemaker, and Mad Hatter next.

Here are a couple looks I did with these colors. (They actually look very similar to each other). I had one more with Charm School but it has mysteriously disappeared from my phone. 

The previous 3 pictures are Lolita on the inner half of lid, Smut on the outer half, and Hustle blended into crease, with DG Cosmetics Whisper to highlight.

This one was Lolita on inner 1/3 of eye, Smut in middle 1/3, and Jezebel in outer 1/3 and under lower lashes. I forgot to use a highlight here and my eyebrows are insanity so forgive me ;) 

What are your favorite Concrete Minerals colors? Will you be trying any of these? 


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Swatch Spam... the rest of the Walmart Haul!

Hey pretty girls, 
Here is part two of my Walmart haul. I found so many good lipsticks, I am happy with all of them!! 

In order from L-R: Rimmel "Airy Fairy", Loreal "Unending Kiss", Maybelline "Warm Me Up", Loreal "Wild Plum", Revlon "Fuchsia Fusion", "Love That Red", and "Certainly Red". 

Airy Fairy is a beautiful nude. I can wear it with anything, it is awesome! It is a bit more brown than Unending Kiss. The formula is good, it is opaque with just 2 coats, and not drying at all, yet not glossy.  

Unending Kiss is more glossy and takes a few more coats to get full coverage. It is also the pinkest of the nudes. I love this one as well!

Warm Me Up is a lovely darker nude (is there such a thing?) with a bit more brown/plumminess. The formula is moisturizing and coverage is average. 

Wild Plum is more sheer than the rest, I had to build it up to this color. It has a very slight blue duochrome. It is very moisturizing!

All the Revlon lipsticks are the "Super Lustrous" formula. They have great coverage and not drying at all, yet they wear for a long time. I am wearing "Certainly Red" today and do not have to touch up for about 4-5 hours. Even then it just a small touch up! I love these lipsticks! 

Love That Red seems to be a bit more orange based than Certainly Red, but it still looks good. (Some orange reds make my teeth look yellow, this doesn't.) It is a very bright, in yo' face color. 

Certainly Red is more blue based and guh-or-gee-us. It is the perfect "hot" red. 

What do you think of these? Will you be getting any of these?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Swatch Spam!! Wet n Wild Haul & Review!

Hey ladies! I did a huge haul today at "The Walmart" because I felt like it and I have a credit card there... lol (naughty mummy!)

This post is just for the Wet n Wild stuff and I will post the other lipsticks tomorrow. I am so excited about everything I got! As I'm sure you all know, WnW is sooo affordable and 99% of these colors have amazing payoff! 

Let's start with the eyeshadow palettes.. 

Sweet as Candy is pretty but my lest favorite out of the 4 I got. These swatches are like 4 layers... the color payoff just wasn't great and the colors are not all that unique.

Walking on Eggshells is bee-you-tee-full! The texture of all of these is like a velvety feel and the color payoff is excellent. Plus, these neutrals are my kind of colors! 

Silent Treatment is another winner. The lid and highlight colors are the same velvet finish, while the black 'crease' color is more of a matte black with golden sparkles. Again, excellent color payoff. 

Comfort Zone is my favorite!! I adore all of these colors and the texture is great on all of them except for the top left one, which is more chalky with less payoff than the rest. All the others though.. went on like "buttah" (as Paula Dean would say) and are just sheer gorgeousness. You can see the 'definer' color (bottom right) has a cool green duochrome. Love it!! 

Now for the lipsticks.. 

 Sorry, the above picture is not the order in which they are swatched below. (But the lip swatches follow the hand swatch clockwise.)

106 ("Spice") is one of the "natural line" lip balms. It is made with all natural ingredients and has a really slippery moisturizing feel. It also tastes like peppermint, yum! This is not my faaavorite color, but it's not bad and I will still use it. 

905D (along with 906D and 911D) is one of the ones in the black tube, which I like. The packaging looks sophisticated. The formula of these is also really nice. It doesn't say what it is but it feels like a matte , though not very dry like some mattes can be. It's almost like a MAC Satin finish texture. I love this color! 

Same formula and texture as above... this color is ehh for me. It's a little too warm for my tastes but I am reserving judgement until I use it in a look. 

Again, same Matte-ish texture, LOVE the color! Hello red lips! 

This is the one in the silver tube above. This is probably my least favorite texture out of the bunch. It is very sheer and took about 5-7 coats to build up to this opacity. Which may be perfect for some people! But right now I'm all about full coverage on my lips. It doesn't seem like it will have great staying power either... but on the upside it is more moisturizing than the others. The color is so-so for me. It's pretty but not like rocking my world. It has a slight blue duochrome which is cool. 

Sorry I didn't get the names, and only got the numbers... I am pretty sure they were named in the store but all the tube has is numbers.. boo. 

What do you think? Will you be picking out any of these WnW products?? I am definitely going to go take a second look at the black tube lipsticks and see if there are more colors I like!! 

Happy Friday everyone!!!!