Friday, October 14, 2011

Swatch Spam!! Wet n Wild Haul & Review!

Hey ladies! I did a huge haul today at "The Walmart" because I felt like it and I have a credit card there... lol (naughty mummy!)

This post is just for the Wet n Wild stuff and I will post the other lipsticks tomorrow. I am so excited about everything I got! As I'm sure you all know, WnW is sooo affordable and 99% of these colors have amazing payoff! 

Let's start with the eyeshadow palettes.. 

Sweet as Candy is pretty but my lest favorite out of the 4 I got. These swatches are like 4 layers... the color payoff just wasn't great and the colors are not all that unique.

Walking on Eggshells is bee-you-tee-full! The texture of all of these is like a velvety feel and the color payoff is excellent. Plus, these neutrals are my kind of colors! 

Silent Treatment is another winner. The lid and highlight colors are the same velvet finish, while the black 'crease' color is more of a matte black with golden sparkles. Again, excellent color payoff. 

Comfort Zone is my favorite!! I adore all of these colors and the texture is great on all of them except for the top left one, which is more chalky with less payoff than the rest. All the others though.. went on like "buttah" (as Paula Dean would say) and are just sheer gorgeousness. You can see the 'definer' color (bottom right) has a cool green duochrome. Love it!! 

Now for the lipsticks.. 

 Sorry, the above picture is not the order in which they are swatched below. (But the lip swatches follow the hand swatch clockwise.)

106 ("Spice") is one of the "natural line" lip balms. It is made with all natural ingredients and has a really slippery moisturizing feel. It also tastes like peppermint, yum! This is not my faaavorite color, but it's not bad and I will still use it. 

905D (along with 906D and 911D) is one of the ones in the black tube, which I like. The packaging looks sophisticated. The formula of these is also really nice. It doesn't say what it is but it feels like a matte , though not very dry like some mattes can be. It's almost like a MAC Satin finish texture. I love this color! 

Same formula and texture as above... this color is ehh for me. It's a little too warm for my tastes but I am reserving judgement until I use it in a look. 

Again, same Matte-ish texture, LOVE the color! Hello red lips! 

This is the one in the silver tube above. This is probably my least favorite texture out of the bunch. It is very sheer and took about 5-7 coats to build up to this opacity. Which may be perfect for some people! But right now I'm all about full coverage on my lips. It doesn't seem like it will have great staying power either... but on the upside it is more moisturizing than the others. The color is so-so for me. It's pretty but not like rocking my world. It has a slight blue duochrome which is cool. 

Sorry I didn't get the names, and only got the numbers... I am pretty sure they were named in the store but all the tube has is numbers.. boo. 

What do you think? Will you be picking out any of these WnW products?? I am definitely going to go take a second look at the black tube lipsticks and see if there are more colors I like!! 

Happy Friday everyone!!!! 


  1. I really am digging on WnW products lately!!! :) I actually wore 521A today! I actually line and fill my lips in really well with liner then put on a nice thick layer, then blot it, then put on one more layer! That seems to do the trick for me...nice opaque color and it stays on fairly well too! I also have the Spice lib balm and I am in total agreement...I like the feel, but not a huge fan of the color. And, I DESPERATELY NEED Comfort Zone!!! It's soooo pretty!!! And, if you find a pretty plumy pink lippie, let me know!!! I really, really want one, but haven't found one I like yet!!!

  2. OOh cool I will try that with 521A! I think I'll line it with MAC beet.. and that will probably even make it a darker richer pink :)

    Yes, you NEED comfort zone!! It is sooo awesome!

    I have another lipstick haul post and you may like the plum color on that one... i'll probably have it up by tomorrow or monday :)

  3. Ooo! Awesome! Can't wait to see! :)

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