Saturday, October 15, 2011

Swatch Spam... the rest of the Walmart Haul!

Hey pretty girls, 
Here is part two of my Walmart haul. I found so many good lipsticks, I am happy with all of them!! 

In order from L-R: Rimmel "Airy Fairy", Loreal "Unending Kiss", Maybelline "Warm Me Up", Loreal "Wild Plum", Revlon "Fuchsia Fusion", "Love That Red", and "Certainly Red". 

Airy Fairy is a beautiful nude. I can wear it with anything, it is awesome! It is a bit more brown than Unending Kiss. The formula is good, it is opaque with just 2 coats, and not drying at all, yet not glossy.  

Unending Kiss is more glossy and takes a few more coats to get full coverage. It is also the pinkest of the nudes. I love this one as well!

Warm Me Up is a lovely darker nude (is there such a thing?) with a bit more brown/plumminess. The formula is moisturizing and coverage is average. 

Wild Plum is more sheer than the rest, I had to build it up to this color. It has a very slight blue duochrome. It is very moisturizing!

All the Revlon lipsticks are the "Super Lustrous" formula. They have great coverage and not drying at all, yet they wear for a long time. I am wearing "Certainly Red" today and do not have to touch up for about 4-5 hours. Even then it just a small touch up! I love these lipsticks! 

Love That Red seems to be a bit more orange based than Certainly Red, but it still looks good. (Some orange reds make my teeth look yellow, this doesn't.) It is a very bright, in yo' face color. 

Certainly Red is more blue based and guh-or-gee-us. It is the perfect "hot" red. 

What do you think of these? Will you be getting any of these?


  1. Oooo! I'm gonna have to pick up Wild Plum! Super pretty! And, Unending Kiss looks super pretty too! How does it compare to Marquise 'D from Mac?! I've been trying to find a dupe of it for my sister...

  2. wild plum is what I seek, i cannot wear the new purples and dupes of mac sin..or rebel..wish I could..these are more wearable..ty..i want a a pink get away from my brown reds..i wear lancome rougue in love 275 m mostly and seems all mine are that color or rose liners ...i want a new feel,, long last and not a fig..i want to break out lol and yet tune to what I can actually pull off..tomorrow..its wild plum..thank you>><< you look great..ty for all this effort.