Thursday, October 27, 2011

Surgery Defect Mineral Eyeshadow Review & Swatches

Happy Thursday everyone! I can't believe tomorrow is Friday already.. yeeeaaahhh!!! Today I have the pleasure of reviewing some eyeshadows from an etsy/indie company called Surgery Defect. Emily, the owner, creates everything from mineral eyeshadow to earrings to paintings to plates and mugs! Her etsy shop has quite the variety of goodies. A lot of it is Halloween stuff right now so head on over and check it out!

I had the opportunity to try out several eyeshadows in a variety of colors and I am very pleased with them!

They came in sample baggies with a very generous amount of product in each bag, as well as a few business cards. Only the names were on the bags, no ingredients listed anywhere (not even on website) which is a little troubling... but as I am not allergic to anything cosmetic that I know of, I still went ahead and tried them out.

*All descriptions are my own
**Swatched over Pixie Epoxy

China Jade: Cool frosty light green. 
Duochrome Sparkle: Gorgeous teal with tons of glittery golden sparkle.
Black Star Green: Deep teal green on a black base.
Metallic Pixie Purple: Shimmery Lavender.
Red Comet Sparks: Pink glitter.

Winterveld: Dirty peach upon appearance, but over primer turns into bright green duochrome.
Duochrome Red Orange: Gorgeous grapefruit pink.
Pearlescent Fire: Deep shimmering red.
Copper... pretty much self explanatory. ;) 
Misterioso Bronze: Beautiful and VERY glittery/shimmery medium brown.
Metallic Olive... again self explanatory
Cellini Yellow: Shimmery daffodil
Mirage Blue: Blue Glitter.

Eye look with China Jade on inner 1/3, Duochrome Sparkle on middle 1/3, and Misterioso Bronze on outer 1/3 and blended into crease.

FOTD today with Winterveld on inner 1/3, Duochrome Red Orange on middle 1/3, and Pearlescent Fire on outer 1/3 and blended into crease. 
DG Whisper to highlight, MAC Style blush, Maybelline "Warm Me up" l/s with MAC Oyster Girl gloss on top. 

Overall impressions: 
I liked all of the eyeshadows I tried. My favorites are Misterioso Bronze, Duochrome Sparkle, and Duochrome Red Orange. There aren't any that I really did not like. :) The textures of all the shadows were shimmery, and easy to work with. There were no matte shades, which is fine with me. They all blended really well but Misterioso and Duochrome Sparkle need a very sticky base. 

I wish the website had better shade descriptions and swatches of each color, as well as a listing of ingredients. To me, seeing the ingredients is very important when choosing to buy makeup. 

So what do you think? Did any colors stand out to you? 

Have a beautiful weekend ladies! 

xoxo, me 


  1. They look an awful lot like the corresponding colors on TKB which share their names :/ Plus, it is against the law to not include an ingredient list somewhere in the packaging of each item, so that does bother me.

  2. Or, some are Coastal Scents - same diff to me ^_^;

  3. Definitely repackaged (Coastal Scents). =(