Thursday, November 3, 2011

Some "Darling" eye looks

Hey ladies, I have really been loving using my new Darling Girl shadows the last few days! I was going to save these looks for the Haul Part 2 post, but I changed my mind ;p 

Hope you enjoy! 

Above 2 photos: GWP color "Svenghouli" in the inner half, "Bat's in the Belfry" outer 1/2, and "Jack's Lantern" blended into crease. The latter 2 colors are from the halloween collection. This look does not show Jack's true colors, (pun intended) because it was verrrrry lightly applied to darken up the crease. DG Whisper to highlight. 

This look (above) was done with both Jack's Lantern and Svenghouli again, but they both look totally different. Jack is on the lid, and here you can see his true magnificence! It looks like a purple over a black base in most light, but look at the closed eye pic and you can see the shift where it looks red/orange. So awesome! Svenghouli looks a lot more green in this look. 

The last look features "Witch and Famous" on the inner 1/2 of eye with "Apparition" lightly applied over, "Landry" (Hello Kitty collection) on the outer 1/2, and "Thriller" blended into crease. Again Thriller is not really done justice here because you can't see all the amazing sparkl-age.. I blended it too much. 

Hope you liked these looks, and I hope you are going to be picking up some of these colors from DG when she reopens the shop on Nov. 7! 

Have a happy Friday tomorrow lovies! 

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