Thursday, February 10, 2011

Swatch Spam: MAC Wonder Woman is finally MINE!!! Muhahahaha

I got:
(2) Marquise D' lipsticks (one for backup!)
Spitfire Lipstick
Russian Red Lipstick
Emancipation Lipglass
Wonder Woman Lipglass
Athena's Kisses Lipglass
Might Aphrodite Blush
Pink Power MSF
(Is it just me or does Marquise D' look way longer than the other two?)

 Clockwise from top left: Mighty Aphrodite Blush, me modeling MA :), Pink Power MSF, Me modeling PP MSF

 Pink Power MSF swatches. L-R: Highlighter, bronzer, blush, all 3 combined

 Marquise D'

 Marquise D' + Emancipation Lipglass


 Spitfire + Athena's Kisses

 Russian Red

 Russian Red + Wonder Woman

 Wonder Woman

 Mighty Aphrodite Blush with Marquise D' + Emancipation l/g


Overall thoughts... I love WW! I think this is an awesome collection. I honestly wasn't expecting it to be after all the so-so reviews in the blog world, and it could be because I'm easily but I really love it!

MA blush and PP MSF are gorgeous...
Marquise D'.. I was afraid it would be too peachy for me, but it really is the perfect nudey peach! That's why I had to get 2!
The lipglasses are HUGE, and so pretty! My only complaint with them is that they don't have great staying power as far as color. You can especially tell with the darker colors. I think these will be best worn over lipstick.
Spitfire and Athena's Kisses are a tad too purple for my taste. The flash pictures make them look hot pink..which I wish they were! But they are definitely more purple. I'm sure they will look good with some looks, but they are definitely not ones that I will reach for on a regular basis.


  1. Ooooh! I love Marquise D' and Russian Red!!! So awesome!! Are you wearing just Russian Red in the last picture of the post?!

  2. Yep that was Russian Red by itself!! It is a matte formula but it didn't feel drying at all! The great news is that it's a permanent color :-D
    Marquise D is so pretty, I would highly recommend getting it while you can!

  3. Thanks! I love both!!! ... Elyse, you aren't good for my wallet!!! =P Hahaha!!!

  4. I love this LE because I love comic themes, but MAC is a little bit too expensive for me.
    It's great to see your swatches! Spitfire and Russian Red look awesome!

  5. OMGAH, that last picture is just gorgeous!

  6. I totally went and bought Russian Red because of this post. lol SO, THANK YOU!

  7. YAY!!! Do you love it or what?!!

  8. OMGosh I love love love your blush! What blush and eyeshadow did you use in your inner eye? It's so sparkly and a gorgeous shade of white!

  9. And....I just bought the Marquise d lipstick on ebay....I agree with Amanda, you are not good for my wallet lol