Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Let me give you some lip

I'll be totally honest.. I had a crappy, sick, exhausting week and I went to MAC to soothe my frazzled nerves. There, I said it, I am a comfort shopper!

That said, who wants to check out my new lippies?? 

I picked up Underage l/g because I read a few blogs that said it was one of their lipglass must haves. For me, I like the color, but not the way it settles immediately into the lines on my lips. I am going to try it layered, hopefully that makes a difference. :)

I used to have Honeylove l/s, but lost it. I don't remember it looking this brown toned on me. What do you think? Is it a hit or miss with my skin tone?? 

 Just Superb l/g is a nice "my lips but better" color. It is literally almost the exact shade of my lips! It's a Cremesheen glass and I love the texture and creaminess of these!

 I thought Viva Glam V l/g would be closer to the color of the lipstick, which I love. This looks more yellow/brown toned to me. Still pretty though!

               Pink Poodle l/g.. I love this color! Perfect for a bright lip without being too in your face!

Do you have any of these? What do you think? Any other colors I need to have?? :)

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