Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 15 - Meet me at the Circus

I've been getting a lot of inspiration from other makeup bloggers out there and just decided to play and do something fun. I had no plans when I started out... and this is what happened :)
Unfortunately I was having a hard time getting the colors to stay bright and vibrant. I kept having to add more, expecially to the purple. I dont know what's up? I wasn't rubbing them or anything... and I used the primer I always use.. hmm.. tips fellow orglamix junkies?

  • First I lined the bottom lashes with Clover and brought it up to sort of wing out on the end of my eye
  • Then I applied Absinthe on my lid. (see how it doesnt look very pigmented? boo.)
  • Next I applied Lagoon to the inner corner and up into the inner half of crease.
  • After that I applied Iris to the outer half of crease...but that wasnt staying on so I put some Grape Hyacinth over it and that held on better.
  • Finally I highlighted with Glass Slippers from the Candy Glam collection.
I really like this look but I wish the colors had stayed more vibrant and blended easier. I must just be having a funky day! See you guys tomorrow!

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