Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Darling Girl Cosmetics Haul!!

I was so excited when I opened my mailbox today to find my order from Darling Girl Cosmetics!!! I was just leaving to run some errands and was seriously tempted to sit in my car and swatch right then and there! But practicality won out and I waited until I got home. ;)

I applied all the swatches dry on my hand/arm. Next time I will do swatches over primer because I know dry doesn't do these amazing colors justice.. (as always, you can click on each picture for full size clarity)

 {The samples, lipglosses, and glow cream blush}
I love ALL of the lipglosses. The colors are gorgeous, and I especially love Boy Toy and Strangelove. They are all pretty light and give your lips just a hint of color. You can build up the color with more layers though. I really love that they give you the natural look of your lips, just way better. ;) Candy Cane Lane gloss was a nice surprise! It looks very red but is sheer when you put it on. Red lips usually scare me, but I think I will give this one a try!

The Glow Baby Glow cream blush is awesome. It's not an actual blush color, it is a shimmery beautiful cheek highlight. I can't wait to wear it and I'll post pics when I do!

These are all shimmery except for Spun Sugar which seems pretty matte to me. Spun Sugar and 3 Wishes are my favorites out of the bunch, as I have verrry fair skin. Desert Bloom will be a good bronzer type color for me. Honey Blossom is very pretty but it is more of a warm tone while I am cool, so I may end up giving it as a little present to someone. :)

Oh.my.goodness I love all these colors. They are all shimmery and stunning! My favorites out of this bunch are Tragic Romance, Innocence, and Whisper.. (so much so that I went right in and put them on my eyes! I'll post that next.)

 All of these are awesome. What more can I say?? I was so impressed and excited with each new color I opened. Mistletoe'd has a red glitter in it that's hard to see in this picture. Oh so cool! I am loving Show Me the Money.. chartreuse greens are my favorite right now and this one is beautiful. Picture doesn't even show a fraction of this color's hotness! And MAKING MERRY! Oh em gee. HAUTE!!

So I messed up on this set of swatches and forgot to swatch Firefly. Bummer! Also this picture seems to have the most variation from what the colors really look like. Falling Leaves is a beautiful shimmery taupe, and Fireside is not that brown in person, it has more burgundy in it and lots of golden shimmer. Lap Dance is super cool, it has hot pink glitter in it that isn't showing up here. That one definitely needs a stickier base. I am bummed I didn't order Darling Girl's primer because I have been reading lots of awesome reviews on it. I will be snagging that one as soon as she comes back from vaca!  

Overall I am soooo pleased with Darling Girl Cosmetics for a few reasons.
  • They are all natural and healthy!
  • The shipping was SUPER fast! I ordered these and received them within 3 days!!!
  • You can order full or Petit size. All of the colors I ordered are Petit size and it is a lot! Enough for 25-30 applications I would think.. for only $2.00 each!! That gave me the ability to buy and try a lot more colors than if I could only get full size.
  • Everything glides on nice and smooth. The lip glosses are soft and smooth and stay on for a good long time! The blushes are silky and glide on/blend easily. The eyeshadows also glide on easily and feel really smooth. I had no problems applying or blending the colors I used on my eyes today. One of them was really shimmery/sparkely and it even went on like a dream!
If I HAD to pick favorites out of this whole order (even though I love everything!!) they would be: Strangelove gloss, Glow Baby Glow, Making Merry e/s, Show Me the Money e/s & Tragic Romance e/s.

(I bought all of these products on my own and Darling Girl did not ask me to or know I was going to review them.)


  1. So glad you like everything Elyse :)

  2. New follower! :)

    great swatches the blushes look so pretty and I love show me the money! great review