Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Crushed Blush...and how I saved it!

Hey Ladies,
So as you may remember, I ran to MAC to get the WW collection when it first came out. One of the items I got was the Mighty Aphrodite blush. This was one of the things from the collection that had a lot of buzz and I knew it would sell out quickly! Well two weeks later, Arabella was sitting on the counter next to my makeup bag and knocked it to the floor...and gasp...the MA blush and Pink Power bronzer compact both broke to pieces :*( I tried to go back to the store to buy replacements and surprise surprise, they were sold out of the blush. (I was able to return the broken Pink Power and get a new one...gotta love MAC and their unconditional returns!)

So ANYHOO.. I went on ebay to find a replacement blush. I bought one for relatively cheap and patiently waited for it to arrive, which it did today. I opened it and found this....UGH!!

So I decided to make a mineral type powder blush out of it. All my indie blushes are loose so I figured I would do the same with this.

I set everything in a plastic grocery bag on the counter and got to work grinding it up with the handle of a makeup brush.

I filled up 3 empty mineral makeup jars with it..

(notice how the middle one is so much pinker? I guess there must be much more of the darker pink side of the blush in that one.)

The empty blush.. I havent decided if I just want to keep it as a mirror compact or not?

Heavy swatch on top rubbed on with finger on top. Blended swatch applied with blush brush on bottom.

Swatches with flash. You can see the blended swatch much better here.

So obviously these are going to be much pinker than the original, because the dark pink portion is mixed in.

The bonus is.. I emailed the seller and she gave me a full refund without hesitation! So happy!

So what do you think...should I buy another one or just be happy with my crushed mineral version? I can't decide.

Sweet dreams dolls!


  1. You can also use wax paper to work over. That way, with any spillage, you can just bow the paper and dump right into the jar.

    A darker color will tend to over come a lighter color. Just like putting in one drop of black into a pot of any other color. The more drops of a darker color, the greater the percentage of moving away from the original lighter shade.

    I think you still got a nice shade out of it. :)

  2. Awesome idea! I say if you want to purchase another one it would be cuz you have the two different shades to work with however, I think the way you saved it is awesome =) Plus if you think about it you do have both different colors....cuz ones more pinker than the other. =)

  3. Very true girls!! Still thinking it over... I want to buy a new one but then I think of all the other makeup I could buy with the refund...LOL, im addicted!