Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blue, Pink, and Yellow - Oh My

Here was my EOTD a couple days ago. I have the habit of using whatever eyeshadows are out on my counter at the moment, and these were still out from the previous day, so I used them again, just in a different order :) I really like the way this came out :)

Products: DG Cosmetics Stay the Day Primer, Aromaleigh Nyx on lid, Orglamix Watermelon in the crease, Orglamix Pineapple on browbone.

(Small note on Orglamix: You girls may or may not be aware of the drama going on with this company, but it has recently come out that she repackages a lot of products, and that at least 2 products sold were definitely NOT what was advertised, with 1 not even being eye safe. I am not going to hash it out here, but I do want to address my continued usage of the products. The shadows that I have, I believe to be safe. Repackaged, probably, but safe nonetheless. I also happen to LIKE the products. I have over 150 Orglamix eyeshadows and it would be a HUGE waste of my money that I will never get back to just trash them, especially when I know they are safe. Will I buy from Orglamix again? No... will I tell you not to buy from Orglamix? No! If you like the products and want to buy them, more power to ya. I feel almost personally betrayed, because I had come to know and really like the owner, and she blatantly lied to her clients, including me. If she had said up front that she repackages, I would have no problem with it. But I do have a problem with being lied to. So... thats why I won't be buying more. I will continue to use the products in looks.)


  1. Gorgeous look - like a soft sunset! I'm with you on the Orglamix thing. I'd still use products I bought if they were safe - to throw them away is a waste.

  2. I need to start using gold as a highlight more often.
    Looks so soft!

  3. This was my first time doing so...I really like the way it turned out. This is a really light yellow gold so it worked well :)