Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rock A Betty Beauty - Mini Haul

Good morning Dolls,
Rock A Betty Beauty is yet another shop I found on Etsy. I was on the hunt for a good primer when I came across their Pot Sticker primer. So I grabbed that and an eyeshadow in Kink because I thought it looked pretty!

(Descriptions from website)
KINK: A rich hot pink meets sultry violet with shimmery green undertones, topped with flirty fuschia glitter
ROE (sample): A pretty, coral watermelon

POT STICKER PRIMER: An all natural, chemical and preservative free, eyeshadow primer. Our primer is made with skin loving ingredients and free of irritants.
Not only does our Pot Sticker keep your eyeshadow in place all day, it also intensifies the shades and helps shimmer and glitter stick to your lids (instead of falling to your cheeks).

My Thoughts:
  • I like this shop! They are affordable and offer a good amount of product for the money. I got a 3 gram jar of Kink and it was full to the top (no sifter, which I don't mind) for $2.99! The Pot Sticker was also very affordable. It was $3.99 for a 5 gram jar.
  • I love that the Pot Sticker is all natural.
  • The Pot Sticker actually works! I applied the swatches above on my hand over it and look! The glitter is actually sticking to it! And it stayed undisturbed on my hand until I washed it off about an hour later. Glitter didn't budge!
  • Everything came packaged cutely with a business card, thank you card, and a cute little wish list (that green paper that got cut off in the picture).
So go check them out! And have a lovely day! :)

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