Monday, January 10, 2011

BFTE Haul & Swatches

Good morning Beautiful Girls,
I have been dying to swatch these for you all weekend but have been sooo busy! They were definitely worth the wait though! In all honesty, I was not planning on ordering from BFTE. I had seen them on facebook for a long time and was even impressed with some of the colors, but for some reason (that I can't remember now) I just wasn't too excited about them. Butttt... then I started seeing gorgeous fan photos on their FB page and decided to go take a look. Much to my joy, they offer $2.00 samples in jars!! So, in my typical lack of self control, I got a bunch. Check out the swatches and see if you should be ordering too! :) 

 (descriptions from BFTE website when available. those marked with * are my own description)
Kiss and Tell  - A gorgeous light cream color. Perfect for highlight. Part of the Velvet Frost line.*
Whisper - Sheer creamy beige with a violet duo chrome.
Canyon - Light oyster-beige with gold mirco shimmer that was part of our new Velvet Collection.
Spring Fever - Light pink with orange duochrome.
Hopeless Romantic - A shimmery dusky plum rose. Also part of the Velvert Frost line.* (I should have put this with the purples)
Baked - Beautiful medium taupe with lots of shine.*
Halo - Yellow gold shimmer with very fine multicolored glitter.*
Avoid the Mistletoe - Dirty mustard gold with pink glitter and shift.*
Valley Girl - Orange bronze with lots of glitter.*
Big Island - The base color looks like Wet Sand with multicolored Micro Glitter (green Gold and Pink).
Oak - Deep brown with multicolored glitter. Very sparkly and beautiful!*
{My Impressions: I love ALL of these colors except for Whisper. You can't really tell in the swatches but it is more of a light iridescent purple. It is one of BFTE's unblended pigments and has just never been my kind of color. Aside from that, they are all gorgeous. My favorites from this group would have to be: Kiss and Tell (excellent highlight color), Spring Fever (just gorgeous), Baked, and Big Island.}

Rain Forrest - Very light sage, almost lime green. Park of Velvet Frost line.*
Lucky Me - Lightest lime green with soft iridesence.*
Saturday Morning - Shimmering chartreuse.*
Emerald City - Gorgeous sparkly green.
Voodoo - There's magic in this olive green with gold shimmer, and you have to see it to believe it.
Elegant - Clean clear sky blue with intense shimmer and sparkle.
Walking on Water - Beautiful teal with lots of sparkle.*
Tickle Me - Deep low shimmer teal. (Has an amazing green shift!*)
Winter Blues - Deep blue green with indescribable sparkle. You have to see this one to appreciate it's beauty!*
{My Impressions: These are all stunning. I wouldn't get both Lucky Me and Rain Forrest again as they are pretty similar. I also would probably skip Saturday Morning, which looks a lot like Emerald City but without the fabulous sparkle. Walking on Water and Tickle Me are truly gorgeous!! And I bought Winter Blues on a whim, there was no description or swatch, and I am SO GLAD I did. This color is soooo beautiful!}

Angel - Matte nearly white palest periwinkle.
Chenille - Icy Pink with smooth shimmer.
Sweet N Spicy - Coral-y pink shimmer.*
Candy Shop - Sweet bright pink that looks good enough to eat.*
Aloha - Light Pink with golden-Teal sparkle that really comes out when applied wet.
Dew Drop - Pinkish purple with greenish gold duochrome.
TGIF - Smooth cool toned red with tiny silver glitter.
Misquoted - Deep dusky pink with gorgeous glitter.*
Super Nova - This beautiful red is full of green sparkles.  Not for the faint at heart.
Vamp - Deep wine red with copper sparkles.
Naked Truth - Smooth shimmering off white. Part of Velvet Frost line.*
Aphrodite - Light blue purple with pink shimmer.
Iced Violets - Shimmery lavender with fine pink/purple sparkles.
Sugar Plum - Purple with red undertones and lots of sparkle.
Triple Berry - Pretty deep purple with sparkle.*
{My Impressions: These are all unique and so pretty. I can't choose a favorite!}

Okay, so to end this novel, here are my thoughts about BFTE:

  • Huge line of gorgeous colors! I love the selection and the uniqueness of most of their colors. They do sell unblended pigments but are honest and up front about it and I have no problem with that!
  • Super fast shipping! I got notification that my package was shipped the same day I placed the order. You can't beat that, people!
  • I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love it when samples come in jars!
  • Price. Samples are $2.00 for .5 of a gram. When I saw the amount in the jars I was actually disappointed. There is probably enough of each color for 10-15 applications depending on how much you use. This is actually not bad for a sample, but I've had samples from other companies for the same price or cheaper who have given me more product. There is also no sifter in the jars which is fine with me, but maybe that's why it looks like a lot less product.
  • Price again: The full size jars are $6.50 for 1 gram. The only other company I've bought from that is $6.50 is Orglamix, and they are selling 1.5 grams of product for that amount. And honestly, I bought 99% of my Orglamix when they were 3.99 and 4.99. I am really not willing to spend 6.50 on one color and will probably never buy a full size from BFTE unless they increase the amount of product.
Other than that, I am really so happy with my order!! I definitely will buy more samples from them in the future!


  1. These are great swatches! I love BFTE too, they're my fave mineral company. Thanks for the pics! :)

    check out my looks using some of their delish colors *LOLS* yes DELISH! ^_^