Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 21! ~ Made in the 80's

Well I was..made in the 80's that is! ;) This has got to be my favorite look so far!!! It is so bright and just makes me happy!!

  • First I applied Geranium to my lid.
  • Next I applied Grape Hyacinth to my crease and outer V.
  • Then I lined the bottom lashes with Absinthe.
  • On the brow I put Pink Duochrome, but wanted a brighter white, so I put Oatmeal Cookie on top of that. 
  • I blended and then added more Geranium and Grape Hyacinth to make everything more vibrant.
Now I'm going to rock out to some hair bands!! Have a great day ;)


  1. This is WAY better than 80s makeup - 80s chic, I'd call it! I love this color combo, you've made me super jealous of your Geranium and Grape Hyacinth, 2 colors I'd convinced myself I didn't need ...

  2. Thanks girl! Oh, you SO need them!!! Grape Hyacinth is my favorite Orglamix purple because it stays on and is slightly sparkly. and Geranium I waited to get forever because I too convinced myself I didnt need I dont know how I lived without it for so long! :)