Friday, December 31, 2010

Bad Bitch Cosmetics Haul

I found Bad Bitch Cosmetics on Etsy and was immediately hypnotized by their hot colors. Their descriptions are super fun and full of girl power! Each shade was inspired by a woman - fictional or real - who the creators thought were "bad bitches".
Each eyeshadow is $4.50 and has 1 gram of product in it. At first I thought the price was a little steep for the amount but I wanted to try out the colors anyways.
I also snagged a primer, because I'm on the hunt for a great new primer and theirs is all natural.

{Descriptions and right photo taken from etsy site}

Hachiko: This subtle but rich, serene blue shade has an unbelievable amount of natural soft gold shimmer - no extra synthetic glitter added!
Belacqua: This is the most deep, gorgeous teal full of green-gold micro shimmer.
Toya: This is an adorable pastel purple with some pink shimmer added.
Ms. Steal Your Man: This is an high luster, blue-base, dark pink pigment.
Miwako: Super high shimmer bright pink with more reflects than you can shake a stick at.
Hotaru: It's purple, but the most rich, complex purple. It's full of iridescent natural shimmer - so special!
Medusa: This hue is fantastic - a dark gold-olive-green, and it's very hard to catch in the photograph, but it's got the tiniest hologram style natural glitter flecks in it.
B Kiddo: A brilliant olive green with a beautifully subtle gold undertone.

My Impressions: These colors are fabulous!!! I love them all! However, Ms. Steal Your Man appears to be a rich dark pink on the website, but in real life it's more of a lighter slightly purple pink. Also, Hotaru appears to be much darker on the website as well. That said, they are both still beautiful, just not what I was expecting. And let me just say... Hachiko and B Kiddo are AMAZING!!!!!! Hachiko has the most beautiful green blue teal shift that is stunning! It has a ton of micro fine glitter, and definitely needs a stickier base. B Kiddo is the most fabulous Chartreuse color I own!!! I am so in love with this color. It is so vibrant!

I'll be reviewing the primer in more detail when I get all the other primers I've ordered...I'm gonna do a primer-off! But I will say now that I love that it's all natural and it did seem like a good base for most of the colors, except for the Hachiko, which is so glittery that it needs a sticky base.

The shipping was fast, the customer service was friendly, and I like the jars. The lids and bottoms are clear so I can easily see the colors inside. This company and product is a WIN and I will definitely be getting more colors from them in the future!!


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