Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New MAC Haul & Swatches (Pic Heavy)

Hey Women! These are all items that I have accumulated over the last couple months and just haven't posted yet. I got them online, in store, and a few things from a cosmetic wholesale website that I can't find right now..grr. Hope you enjoy!

 Gentle (Mineralize Blush), Pinch O Peach (Sheertone), Feeling (Beauty Powder)

 Nuance (Mineralize), Sunbasque (Sheertone), Love Joy (Mineralize)

 Heavy Swatches to show color L-R: Gentle, Pinch O Peach, Feeling, Nuance, Sunbasque, LoveJoy

Gentle, Pinch O Peach, Feeling

 Nuance, Sunbasque, Love Joy

 Scandelicious (Kissable Lipcolour, Peacocky Collection), Luxure (Lipgelee, Champale Collection), Patisserie L/S (Lustre), Kinda Sexy L/S (Matte)

 Luxure, Patisserie, Kinda Sexy, Scandelicious (no flash)


 Patisserie (indoor, under light)

 Patisserie (indoor, flash)

 Kinda Sexy (indoor, under light)

 Kinda Sexy (indoor, flash)

 Kinda Sexy with Luxure over

 Kinda Sexy with Luxure over (flash)

 Scandelicious (indoor, under light)

 Scandelicious (indoor, flash)

My favorite blushes are Gentle, Pinch O Peach, and Nuance. Nuance makes my face look so fresh and alive. Gentle and Pinch O Peach are both gorgeous pinks.
Sunbasque, Love Joy, and Feeling are wearable but are dark so I have to apply them verrry sparingly and blend blend blend. Love Joy is probably my least favorite because it is so dark and hard to get just a little on.

When I saw Patisserie and Kinda Sexy in the tubes (and even the swatches), I thought they were way too dark. I was bummed because I ordered them online and its a hassle to return stuff. But once I tried them on I found them to be very wearable. Patisserie is the lighter, more sheer version of Kinda Sexy it seems. That's funny because I wasn't going for that at all. They are more peach than the swatches I saw online.

Luxure is pretty, and has a TON of sparkle.

Scandelicious is my favorite out of this bunch. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the formula of the Kissable Lipcolors!! I wish they would make permanent colors in this formula!! This hot pink is just gorgeous. It reminds me of Girl About Town, but deeper pink. I heart it! I am still kicking myself for not getting a back up of Woo Me. It is a perfect nude and I never want to run out! But its sold out in my store and online :( Maybe ebay.

What do you think of these products? Have any of these? Love em, hate em?

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