Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hi-Fi Cosmetics Haul Round 2

Hi lovers! So I got another Hi-Fi haul the other day! I just can't resist the sales she has!
As you can tell I was all about the blues this time! haha

Read below for descriptions from etsy for each color :)
Those marked with * are my own descriptions because they are not listed on etsy.
Your Disease - deep green with an eerie rose duochrome.
Storm of Thorns - deep sage green with blue and gold glitter.*
Greener Scenery - deep emerald green with dark holographic glitter!
Suicide Trees - dark beautiful teal with sparkles.*
Angel's Scream - chromey aqua-teal that almost seems to glow under artificial light and has a metallic sheen in natural light.
Contradiction - bright turquoise with an abundance of pink glitter!!!
Don't Forget the Violence - Rich dark sky blue with fine baby blue sparkles.*
Lost & Lonely - Dusky dark teal on a black base with an overlay of hot pink sparkle/duochrome.*
Rising Tide - deep, ultra-sparkly teal.
Dark Carnival - ominous and intensely glittering blue with a magnitude of teal glitter!
Drowning in Atrocities - cold, deep-sea blue dusted with gold.


Ash & Agony - Metallic gold with a touch of olive green.*
Three Kings - sparkling gold with underlying notes of bronze.
Lost Days - a super-shimmery copper-brown.
Butterfly Wings - a bright, yet delicate, coral shade.
Living Fire - a bright coral with gold flecks of shimmer!
Fallen Angels - a deep, smokey purple-grey with lots of sparkle!
Plush - Beautiful sparkling lavender, packed with pink & silver glitter.*
Another Day, Another Drama - vibrant purple with ultra-fine cosmetic grade holo glitter and tons of pink and fuschia sparkle!
Promiscuous -  color shifting pink with lots of purple interference.
So What - an amazing, cool pink with tons of blue-violet iridescent shimmer!
My Valentine - Medium rose pink with gorgeous pink/gold sparkle.*
Sexy Thing - bright pinkish red with lots of sparkle!

My thoughts:
More great colors for me to love! The only one I wasn't really a fan of was Your Disease. Just not my color. But the rest? So gorgeous. I can always count on Hi-Fi to bring the high sparkle and glamour!! These all definitely need a very sticky base. I used them for my look yesterday over Pixie Epoxy and they looked perfect! I can't even pick favorites!

Have a beautiful day lovely girls!


  1. Haha, i was scrolling down to comment what strange name your disease is .):)
    <i like it the most of out this batch, along with suicide trees

  2. It is, isn't it! She has the most interesting names for her colors. Ive heard that some of them are song titles/lyrics. :)

    Suicide Trees is just gorgeous!