Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Heavenly Naturals Haul

I found Heavenly Naturals on etsy also. I saw a sample set they were offering, called Love Story, for $15.00. And since the samples came in jars, I snatched it up quick! (I loathe samples in baggies!) I also ordered a full size green that was on sale.

I cant link to each color because so far I have only seen it as a set. I'll give my own unprofessional color descriptions :)
Romance is a sheer duochrome white/pink.
Admire is a taupe with a slight pink shift.
Sweet Nothing is a bright yellow with white sparkles.
Giggles is a lime green, leaning slightly more towards yellow.
Flirt is a deep, shimmering purple.
Nectar is a bright bubblegum pink.
Puppy Love is a deep aqua blue.
Love note is a bright shimmery blue.
Fate is a deep evergreen.
Kisses is a deep shimmery maroon (my favorite!!)
Rare Beauty is slightly darker than kisses. (this was a sample sent with order)
Infatuation is a lighter sage green (sample sent with order...another favorite!)
Forgiven is a super dark green with a lighter green shift (as seen in flash photo).

Overall I like all of the colors. They are not complex, but pretty. Like I said, I love that the samples came in jars and there is enough in each one for probably 10-15 uses. The shipping was not the fastest, it took a little over a week to get them, which is certainly not bad. I think I will order full sizes of Kisses and Infatuation when I am done with these. :-D

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