Thursday, January 27, 2011

FOTD ~ Burning Fire

HI Dolls,
I am noticing that I do a lot of similar looks! This one is just like the one I posted a few days ago - with different products!! Perhaps too much of an overlap in my shadow colors, dare I say? Ah well, I'm nothing if not

I also want to show you a few colors I got from Orglamix recently released collection: Burlesque!

I liked a lot of the colors, but didn't really feel like I needed the whole set. So I just pick up these.

 Striptease is the most interesting color! It is actually pressure sensitive! It looks creamy off white in the jar, and as I was swatching it, I watched it turn light brown! It was crazy!! So I was kind of disappointed as I really wanted the light color it appeared to be.. but lo and behold, when I used it yesterday, it didn't turn brown when applied with a brush! Yay!

Miss Sheri Champagne is a very pretty nudey-peach color. One of my favorites, I can never have too many of this type of color!

Moulin Rouge is a dark, rich, dirty red.

Lady Marmalade looks...well, like orange marmalade! ;) It is a pretty vibrant slightly darkened orange.

Annnnd, here is the look I did with them.

On my cheeks I used MAC Dainty and Honour.

Lips: MAC Whirl liner and Viva Glam V lipstick. :)


  1. I love those colors!!! I need to check out that website =)

  2. Thanks!! :-) Unfortunately these were LE colors :( But Orglamix has amazing should still check them out on etsy!

  3. I really love edgy looks on you. Gorgeous!

  4. Aww thank you!! I know I have been doing far too many neutral looks lately..