Friday, January 7, 2011

Darling Girl, do yourself a favor and get some of these cosmetics!

Hello Darlings,

I have been reading so much about Darling Girl Cosmetics "Stay the Day" primer, that I had to get some! Of course when I was there I was too tempted not to get some more shadows and lippies :)

These were two samples Susan generously included in little sample baggies. I love getting lipglosses to try out. There is enough for 2-3 applications. Sassy is a beautiful reddish color with golden sparkles. It is pretty sheer, this swatch is two layers to build up the color. It really is pretty, I think I am going to have to get it!

The eyeshadow sample is Landry, from the upcoming Hello Kitty collection. It is sooo pretty. It has a lot of multi colored sparkles. I luurve it!

These are the 3 lippies I bought. Romance is a pretty ruddy coral/peach color. It's very pigmented!
24K Rose is a gorrrrgeous bright pink with visible gold glitter. This is so pretty!
Babydoll is another winner. This may be my new favorite. I'm a sucker for a good nude shade and this one is so beautiful with lots of multicolored shimmer. I just wish it was a little more pigmented. I am going to ask Susan if she could make a lipstick with this!

So when I ordered the shadows this time, I obviously had neutrals on the mind. And I am soo happy with the colors I got.
Electra (which is obvs. not neutral but it is so pretty I had to get it!) is AWESOME. It is super pigmented and PACKED with shimmers. I heart it big time. 
Babe Dahl is one I had seen on someone else's blog and it just looked soo pretty on her. It does not disappoint! The website describes it as: Soft champagne shimmer that leans just a little pink.
Morning Glory is creamy off white with very subtle multifaceted duo chrome shimmer. It seems to me like its a matte color but with a sparkle, if there is sucha thing. That is, the base seems matte, but there is sparkle in there. It's pretty!
Los Angelitos is another great highlight color. It has a lot more sparkle and is sheer-er than the others.
Demonwasp was a GWP, and a very generous one indeed! It is a lovely green leaning towards blue. Totally a color I would pick for myself which worked out nicely ;)
Surfrider is is a "silky smooth peachy pearl shimmer. I think this would be great for the eyes as well as nice cheek highlighter."  I'm going to try that tomorrow!
Capricious is beautiful! It is a "gorgeous metallic copper that is just a little bit brown to make it more wearable". Wearable, it is! I think it will be a great crease color.
My Melody looks a lot like Babe Dahl to me. The website says: "This is a sheer mauve with a golden pink shift." I swatched this and Babe Dahl again next to eachother to see how similar they are...and the answer is VERY. My Melody looks like it may be 1 shade lighter. However they are both gorgeous so I'm happy now I have twice the pretties!

I love love love Darling Girl! I can't wait until the Hello Kitty collection comes out!


  1. I didn't realize that Babe Dahl and My Melody were so similar. Thanks for point that out, I will have to put a disclaimer on the descriptions.

    Thanks for doing the lovely swatches :)

  2. Gooooooorgeous - I keep meaning to try this company! Next on my to-do list!

  3. Susan - They are similar but like I said, worth it to have double the gorgeousness!

    Erin! DO IT! You won't regret it!