Monday, December 27, 2010

Hi Fi Cosmetics Black Friday Haul

Hi-Fi Cosmetics had a HUGE Black Friday sale in November. I had read great things about them on different makeup blogs so I decided to give them a try. Of course, when I went to order, there were so many awesome colors that I ended up ordering a TON. The best part was, they were 40% off so it didn't break the bank!!

They came packaged neatly in little ziploc bags that held 4 pigments each.

I love the shape of these containers! 

I almost didn't want to include the swatches, because the picture sooo doesn't do the colors justice. These I was just applying dry on my arm because I was so excited to see them. And in person, they are all sooooo beautiful. They are highly pigmented and quite a few of them have a generous amount of beautiful glitter. They definitely need to be applied over a stickier base. I dont have a very sticky base (just ordered some though!) so I have been applying them using Orglamix Cosmetics "Transformer".

The colors I got are: Melancholy Requiem, Living Dead Girl, Jingle Bell Rock, Sex Drugs & RocknRoll, Things That Cannot Speak, Glass Memories, Rock Star, Crystal Moon, Psycho Mind, Land Serene, Time for Cheer, Punk Rocker, Vae Victus, Anarchist Alliance, 5 O'Clock, Spike the Punch, The Sultan, Last Dance, Distortion, Broken Road, Adagio, Words are the Remedy, Bad Seed, Rich Girl, Obscenity, My Pain, Hollywood, Screaming for More, Loser King, Righteous, Valentine Evenings, Hell Frozen, Curtains Wide Open, Mercury Morning, Sell Out, Delusion.

Whew! She also sent me 4 free eyeshadow samples in the shades: Forsaken, Beautiful Nightmare, and Beautiful...
And one free cream blush sample in: Get it On. The samples are HUGE! The little baggies have enough to last probably 20 applications or more!!

I can honestly say that there is not one color that I don't like. They are all gorgeous. If you want me to do better swatches of any colors, let me know and I'd be happy to!

Have a great day my lovelies!!

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  1. OOOO - I only got to order 3 (and have yet to receive them) - Beautiful Nightmare, Things That Cannot Speak, and Pussycat! All the colors look gorgeous!