Thursday, December 30, 2010

Face Candy Couture Haul!!!

Hi Lovelies,

I am sooo excited about these eyeshadows from Face Candy Couture!! They are so high quality with such amazing colors, I can't stop looking at them!! I swatched them last night dry and fell in love, then swatched them again today and fell deeper ;). I think I actually prefer the dry swatches, because I could see much more of the sparkles than when I did them over a primer. I may have used to much primer, I don't know. But you can see the sparkles on all the flash pictures on the right. :-D.

{Descriptions below are from the FCC website}
SEED is a mustard yellowish color with an orange undertone. 
SQUASH is an dark orange yellow with golden highlights.
ISIS an amazing golden yellow with gold sparkles and a deep orange undertone. 
GOLDEN MOON a vintage deep yellow golden color. 
{My impression: Seed and Squash are verrry similar, with Squash being just a tiny bit darker. Isis is also in the same color realm, but with lots of sparkle. They are all beautiful, but I would have gotten only Seed OR Squash if I had known how similar they are.}

CHANGE is a scrumptious color of a deep green with yellow and gold undertones.
NICOLES GREEN is a dark forest green with a golden shimmer undertone.
DEW is a yummy muted dark limey green with golden undertones.
HARVEST is a dark green with golden undertones.
{My impression: The greens were the ones I saw the most difference with between dry and primered swatch. The dry swatches showed sooo much more shimmer and sparkle. I'll let you know if the same goes when I'm actually applying it to eyes.}

BURNT LEAF is a gorgeous chocolate brown, slight burgundy undertone.
DEEP CRANBERRY is a yummy deep burgundy with hints of a dark plum color and copperish highlights.
MAPLE is a yummy lighter brown with red undertones and a bit of shimmer.
TAEGAN is a soft carmel brown with burnt red undertones and  copper highlight sparkles.
{My Impressions: Burnt Leaf and Cranberry look very similar to me also. I don't know which one I would have chosen because I like them both, but I probably wouldn't get both again. Maple and Taegan are sooo gorgeous!! Taegan really sparkles and is just stunning!}

SUDDEN is a deep carmel brown with gold sparkles.
PRETTY is the prettiest soft pink with an iridescent undertone.
SNEAKY is a beautiful brown looking shadow with silver and plum undertones with shimmer.
DANGER is a pretty deep plum color with sort of a  burgundy undertone and accented with gold sparkles.
{My Impressions: Pretty is gorgeous, and you can't really see it in the pictures but it has a definite green shift. Very unique!! Sneaky looks browner in the pictures, but irl its actually more of a dusky purple.}

BARBIE GLAM is a sexy perfect pink color with lots of silver shimmer.
LOVELY is a very sexy hot pink with golden sparkles for accents.
DARE is a dark reddish pink color with golden sparkle undertones.
CELEBRATE is a yummy pinkish purple shadow with silver shimmer.
{My Impressions: Wow. Just wow. Each one of these makes me so happy!! Stunning!!!}

PINKY STAR is a yummy deep hot pink with golden sparks.
LAVENDER FIELDS is a gorgeous lavender purple color with a bit of shimmer.
CHILL is a dark cool calming blue.  Like a midnight sea with shimmer.

My overall feeling about Face Candy Couture is LOVE!!!
  • Shipping was SUPER fast. Order to receiving them was about 3 days!
  • There is an insane sale going on right now, where you can buy 20 shades for $39.99!! That's $2 per eyeshadow, whereas they normally retail for $4.99!! I actually ordered 20 more today because it is such an amazing steal. The sale ends Jan 3rd so hurry over and snag some!!
  • The jars have a generous amount of product in them. Each jar has 1.2 net grams.
  • The shadows are smooth, soft, and easy to apply.
  • 2 MINOR drawbacks for me are that there are white labels on the top and bottom of the jars so it will be difficult to see the colors when they are in my makeup storage case .. &.. I didn't receive any free samples with my order. I know that is such a petty thing to say and I don't mean it to sound that way.. it's just that every other company I've ordered from has sent samples, which I end up buying full sizes of 99% of the time. If anything it's a good marketing tool. Those things being said.. they are such minor things and do not change my infatuation with this product and company at all!!! I would (and have already) totally order again!!!
Go check them out!!

{I was not paid or compensated in any way for this review. I purchased all products with my own money.}


  1. Now FCC is one of my favorites. I received the colors few days ago. The colors are pretty.

  2. They are one of my new favorites too!! I am absolutely in love with the colors!!

  3. Oh my, these swatches are lovely! I really love both the green and gold sections, they are awesome! Harvest looks amaaazing. My favorites from the other sections are Taegan, Pretty, Dancer, Lovely, and Danger, yum.

  4. Thank you! Yes they are all so beautiful! I highly recommend this company!