Thursday, November 18, 2010

Orglamix Challenge

There are lots of things I love. They include: expressing myself, being a mommy, being a doula, being creative, being part of a community, and having good, clean fun. Orglamix is a makeup company that is more than just a company or brand. It is a community. It is a way to express myself and be creative. It is also so much fun! I always make fun of myself and say that I am addicted to this makeup...which could very well be true because I have a collection that rivals that of even the creator of the products (she said so herself! ;)

This blog is for an Orglamix challenge called "30 Days, 30 Ways". I am doing it because it's fun and a good way to experiment with my vast collection. If I won this awesome prize, I'd probably end up sharing most of it with my Orglamix friends, because really, I have most of the colors already!

Hope you enjoy the looks I come up with and if you haven't already, by all means, get yourself some of this makeup goodness!


  1. Isn't the HD Pink AWESOME?!? I love the looks you've done so far!

  2. very pretty combos, i'm impressed! i have 5 of the orglamix shades, my favorite is tangerine. : )

  3. Thanks Kelly Beth! Its fun :) I dont have that one - I'll have to check it out!